Delczeg Age Defense


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The Age Defense capsules naturally occurring various natural growth factors  (not to be confused with growth hormones), and amino acids in a endogenous form.

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Research credits FGF (fibroblast growth factors- peptides that play a prominent role in the development of the skeletal and nervous system) with essentially reprogramming adult stem cells and amino acids in the body (which make up its natural repair tools) in order to travel to the areas that need cellular repair and regeneration the most. Once there, these natural nutritional building blocks and repair factors have the ability to integrate with specific biological cellular systems in need of repair.

Their mission then becomes to repair and regenerate the cells and tissue in that region or system, wherever it is in the body. This explains why Delczeg Age Defense has demonstrated a wide range of regenerative anti aging benefits for different people, and in varying parts of the body.

Also these peptides supports to stimulate the division of mature cells and significantly help to decrease the mortality of older cells, and assist the body in normalizing numerous cellular processes by activating the fibroblast growth factor receptors. When this occurs, healing is accelerated and a variety of cellular processes are normalized/ stabilized and results in cellular regeneration.

The extract helps bring balance to the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. This assists the entire endocrine system in achieving homeostasis and efficient operation. Next, the endocrine system secretes hormones at optimum levels resulting in improved cellular signaling. Improved cellular signaling results in cellular rejuvenation and ultimately translates to optimal health longevity and restoration of youthful vitality to the body.