Can Eating More Calories Cause Faster Fat Loss?

Why was Leo asked to thrash a fifty-five year old female metabolism?
Was it so she could lose 10 pounds in 12 days?.
Joyce is 55 years old.
Many her age might give-up on themself and say Joyce looked great, as she didn’t have anything to lose to most.
But Joyce is not like most women.

And so she called on the man who works with the high achievers who expect the best in their lives. Including their physical vitality.Joyce called on Leo’s deep fitness experience that has roots in the secret body builder “finishing” routines of yore.

Yes, the body is predictable as “flight or flight” is invoked to provide you on a journey of destroying those last pesky pounds.

How does eight overall inches sound? 

From the Office of Leo Costa Jr. :

If you are that person who is still trying to lose those last 10 pounds and cannot burn it, no matter what  you have tried. And you still have the flab even after all these years of diet and exercise then I have got the solution for you.

However, unless you are a world caliber bodybuilder who knows exactly how to get your body into the best shape of your life, YOU WILL FAIL. This is not being negative, just a harsh dose of reality.

The reason has to do with this protected, almost first hand secret knowledge only this top level of athlete has. Thus knowing how to implement extremely advanced exercise and nutritional protocols which are counterintuitive to how your physiology really works, that ultimately produce results.  No matter what.

Here is The Good News!

Lockdown weight loss system has been personally designed by a world caliber competitive bodybuilder me Leo Costa Jr.! .

How The Lockdown Weight Loss System Works

Lockdown is a six week weight loss system that is broken down into two sections.

The first section lasts you two weeks. This is often  referred to as shock and rebound. Ultra low calories might have something to do with that “term of endearment:. The purpose is to systematically and to temporarily shock the your sluggish metabolism into the responsive body that you once knew not long ago.

You are sending your physiology into a fight or flight response. This strategy is a high level tactic which immediately revitalizes the metabolism to perform more efficiently. Caloric intake varies between male and female.

The Eat More, Lose More Inches Part

The second section of Lockdown, also referred to as metabolism rebuilding lasts 4 weeks. The strategy over the 4 weeks is to slowly increase caloric intake for the purpose of influencing the metabolism to function at a much higher level.

The end goal of Lockdown down weight loss system is for the client to be able to consume more calories and maintain a much better condition..

No Thinking Allowed For First Two Weeks!

Lockdown weight loss system applies to females and males with the difference only being in caloric intake.

Required Qualifications:

  1. You have a functioning thyroid
  2. You are coachable. Especially for the first two weeks you do exactly what I tell you to eat and drink. You cannot think. You cannot get creative.  Its follow orders and you lose weight.

Now, if this describes you and you want to lose the last few pesky inches and pounds.  Please let us know that you would like to get qualified for inclusion into this exclusive program.

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P.S. Remember: This is not for everybody
Before clients start lockdown they will have to be pre-approved by filling out a form determining if they qualify. This program is safe to follow but very advanced, and is not for everyone. Individuals will be required to have a strong mindset, commitment, and perfect willingness to follow through.


Starting price from $375! To lose ten pounds in 12 days! 

GUARANTEED or your money back. This has never not worked.


Fill out the form or TEXT me “Lockdown!”


for your faster fat loss program.

Send me the qualifier form Leo!

Leo is truly a master of his craft! He can take you from point A to Z as long as you’re willing to put in the work physically and dietarily.

I trained with him for a natural fitness competition and he knew what I needed to do to shape my body for success on stage —and on a timeline!

He’s a True fitness coach that knows when to push you and also praise to keep the momentum strong in the “toughest” of times. To say I’d recommend him is minimum, you want him to be on your fitness team!

Natalie Horine

I originally came to Leo Costa Jr. in 2009 to get some personal training advice, to help me get back in shape.

My intention was to learn as much as possible about exercise and nutrition, then do it on my own. Thirteen years later I’m still a client.

My goals were adding muscle, getting stronger, increasing endurance for marathons, and currently getting in the best health of my life.

What Leo brings to the table is someone who has 40 years of first hand experience and knowledge. He is driven to make sure I’ve always reached the goals I’ve set out to accomplish. He’s helped me create a lifestyle of health, fitness, and longevity.  Thanks Leo!


Joyce N.