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Three strokes in three weeks saved my life, because it woke me up, however bodybuilding was the reason I fully recovered from paralysis. There’s nothing more sobering than not being able to feel where your body is in space. This was my reality after having my third stroke in within three weeks that paralyzed me.

Nine and a half years ago, doctors said, and I quote “ you shouldn’t be here because most don’t survive” and in the very next breathe said, and yet there’s nothing wrong with you, but there I was.. They even called me a miracle, and asked how I did it. When something like this happens to you it changes your life forever, but it also teaches you what the human spirit is capable of.

​Considering I was an athlete most of my life, in addition in the exercise business for forty years advising people how to get healthy and in shape, and having this happen to me, was unthinkable. This was my wake up call. No doubt I was at a crossroads. What was I going to do? I could either let my situation destroy, or define me.

Recovering from my strokes, bar none was the biggest obstacle I’ve ever faced. If it wasn’t for my athletic background, especially my experience and knowledge I attained from the competitive sport of bodybuilding, I would have never recovered. The unwavering discipline and mindset it took to rise to the world level, was the same formula and strategy I implemented to fight paralysis.

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Seminars for advanced athletes, recovery from stroke and trauma, and health, fitness, and longevity.


Comebacks are amazing, especially when it’s your own, but it doesn’t just happen. Reinventing who you once were doesn’t always turn out to be the same, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, often times it’s a blessing in disguise. Change will always be a constant. Those who are truly evolved and poised to excel at the highest level have figured out you constantly have to be willing to change, adapt, or die.

​When a traumatic event occurs, the first step is to prepare for a 100% recovery, which is difficult because you must have a positive outlook and mindset, even though you’re in a negative situation. There are never any guarantees of the final outcome, but you have to face that reality and move forward continually positioning yourself in the best spot to succeed. The recovery process tests your belief system, at the deepest level, and takes time. Tolerating the day to day baby steps towards recovery is one of the main reasons individuals give up.

​Most who have three strokes in three weeks don’t survive, let alone fully recover. I beat the odds, but it didn’t just happen. The strategy I developed for full 100% recovery resulted in a blueprint for success to overcome any obstacle.

It’s a winning formula. Let me help you today!

Success Stories From Satisfied Clients

Leo is truly a master of his craft! He can take you from point A to Z as long as you’re willing to put in the work physically and dietarily. I trained with him for a natural fitness competition, and he knew what I needed to do to shape my body for success on stage —and on a timeline! He’s a True fitness coach who knows when to push you and praise you to keep the momentum strong in the “toughest” times. To say I’d recommend him is minimum; you want him to be on your fitness team!

Natalie Horine

Before I found Leo, I was about to snap because I didn’t know what to do to help myself. I was in my 20s and was paralyzed by a stroke. I felt the next physical therapist I would meet was going to kill but working with Leo in his gym didn’t make me so angry. He was an educated person telling me what I needed to do to get better. In my opinion, Leo knew it firsthand, which made a huge difference. Leo changed my life. My mindset changed. All the therapists would tell me I couldn’t do what I was used to before the stroke, and Leo didn’t! 3 years ago, it hurt to walk. I couldn’t touch my steering wheel. Now I can close my hand. I can move my fingers. My arm goes up. I can curl. I can jog nicely. Everyone said I couldn’t do this but look at me now. I recovered and living a great life.


I was a former high school track athlete and had gotten out of shape. I went to Leo to see if he could help me. To my surprise, not only did he get me back into shape, but he also suggested I compete in a women’s bikini competition. I never imagined I could get in that kind of shape, yet I did. Leo’s coaching advice made my experience a great one to the extent I went on to successfully compete in many more competitions. Thank you, Leo, for changing my life in such a positive way, making exercise and nutrition a lifestyle ritual.


I’ve been lifting weights for many years, and until I started following Ramp Training System, I had no clue about some very important things related to achieving results. For example, knowing the importance of training tempo, feeling what you train, and not training for more than 45 minutes. By making those adjustments, I have noticed an immediate difference in how my body responds. This is good shit!


I’m 39 years old; it got easy to put the weight on between my wife’s good cooking and not having a good place to exercise, which kept me motivated. I had exercised before, but it was a high-impact workout that threw me out of my back. On 1/4/21, I weighed 230, which changed when I joined G-Fit. My trainer reached out to me about meal plans to help me achieve my goals and first had me record what I ate and made a plan that fit my lifestyle and wasn’t too complicated for my wife to help me with. By 3/20/21, I had lost 32lbs. My pants now fit again, and I have to wear a belt. GFIT works with you where you are and builds you up. I’m very happy with all the results so far and look forward to turning 40 and being in the best shape mentally and physically of my life!

Steve Gaspar

I was in a place in my fitness journey where I wanted to take it to the next level but didn’t know where or how to do so. I have had several other trainers, but I never saw much progress toward my goals. Then I found Leo. From the beginning, there were no games, gimmicks, or BS. Put in the work, follow the plan, and make the adjustments he advises, and you will get results. Since starting with Leo, I have seen tremendous growth in my size and strength, most importantly, pushing me further and further toward my fitness goals. I plan on doing a bodybuilding show soon and cannot wait to show off all the hard work I have put in. I thank Leo and this program for pushing me to my max and further. 


Leo has played an instrumental role in my fitness journey for the past 39 years. I was 14 when he introduced and taught me the basic training principles that I continue to apply to my workout program to this day. The foundation he helped establish has allowed me to continue training and competing professionally. With his guidance throughout the years, I was able to compete as an amateur bodybuilder and, most recently, pursue my professional Figure Masters status. 


I’ve always been athletic, so now, after all these years, it feels great to get fit and muscular again. I’ve been on the AFP app coming up on a year and can see the difference. The  AFP team and their fitness experts are great at customizing the workouts for my specific goals. So glad I committed to joining the AFP app and team of experts.

Lisa Vieira

At the end of 2016, I was at a low place in my life. I was severely overweight and generally unhappy. I decided I wanted to take control of my life, and in Jan. 2017, I signed up for the AFP health and fitness app. This app is amazing and very user-friendly. So far, I’ve been following this customized program for 3 months and have lost 25 lbs and even more inches. While I’m still overweight, I’m now confident I will reach my health and fitness goals as long as I have my AFP app. For the first time in my life, I feel strong, and most importantly, I feel good about myself. The AFP app and its health and fitness experts are attentive and encouraging. They pushed me to do things I didn’t think I could. Highly recommend! 

Lariane Castro