Lose Fat Faster with Leo Costa Jr.

Finally lose your fat faster using a revolutionary new method that Leo borrows from decades of bodybuilding. He applies these principles so you can lose fat and inches, gain muscle, and live longer. As always, your success is guaranteed, or your money back!

Reach Your Full Potential

There are three training components of concern for manipulating a client’s results:


All three are necessary. Leaving one of these training components out of an exercise program will compromise the overall results. The primary function of weight training is to tone or build muscle, as well as improve metabolism function along with enhancing the body’s ability for quicker recovery from workouts.

The primary function of cardio conditioning is to burn fat, along with eliminating lactic acid from weight training exercises, which helps speed up recovery for upcoming workouts.

The primary function of nutrition is “energy sourcing” the body with adequate fuel for high energy workouts and keeping it healthy, as well as helping the body recover from workouts. Not to mention its function for fat loss and muscle gain.

Note: Although each component to a degree stands on its own, implementing all three in conjunction with one another will create a compound effect dramatically producing results for a greater effect.

Melt Fat Like Butter in a Microwave Using Secrets From the BodyBuilding Community That Have Been Hiding For Decades

Melt as much as 10 pounds of fat in just twelve days. Listen to Leo explain this simple principle buried in bodybuilding wisdom.

Learn more about fast fat loss tricks of the trade that up until now only insider bodybuilders had access to.

Success Stories From Satisfied Clients

Leo is truly a master of his craft! He can take you from point A to Z as long as you’re willing to put in the work physically and dietarily. I trained with him for a natural fitness competition, and he knew what I needed to do to shape my body for success on stage —and on a timeline! He’s a True fitness coach who knows when to push you and praise you to keep the momentum strong in the “toughest” times. To say I’d recommend him is minimum; you want him to be on your fitness team!

Natalie Horine

Before I found Leo, I was about to snap because I didn’t know what to do to help myself. I was in my 20s and was paralyzed by a stroke. I felt the next physical therapist I would meet was going to kill but working with Leo in his gym didn’t make me so angry. He was an educated person telling me what I needed to do to get better. In my opinion, Leo knew it firsthand, which made a huge difference. Leo changed my life. My mindset changed. All the therapists would tell me I couldn’t do what I was used to before the stroke, and Leo didn’t! 3 years ago, it hurt to walk. I couldn’t touch my steering wheel. Now I can close my hand. I can move my fingers. My arm goes up. I can curl. I can jog nicely. Everyone said I couldn’t do this but look at me now. I recovered and living a great life.


I was a former high school track athlete and had gotten out of shape. I went to Leo to see if he could help me. To my surprise, not only did he get me back into shape, but he also suggested I compete in a women’s bikini competition. I never imagined I could get in that kind of shape, yet I did. Leo’s coaching advice made my experience a great one to the extent I went on to successfully compete in many more competitions. Thank you, Leo, for changing my life in such a positive way, making exercise and nutrition a lifestyle ritual.


I’ve been lifting weights for many years, and until I started following Ramp Training System, I had no clue about some very important things related to achieving results. For example, knowing the importance of training tempo, feeling what you train, and not training for more than 45 minutes. By making those adjustments, I have noticed an immediate difference in how my body responds. This is good shit!


I’m 39 years old; it got easy to put the weight on between my wife’s good cooking and not having a good place to exercise, which kept me motivated. I had exercised before, but it was a high-impact workout that threw me out of my back. On 1/4/21, I weighed 230, which changed when I joined G-Fit. My trainer reached out to me about meal plans to help me achieve my goals and first had me record what I ate and made a plan that fit my lifestyle and wasn’t too complicated for my wife to help me with. By 3/20/21, I had lost 32lbs. My pants now fit again, and I have to wear a belt. GFIT works with you where you are and builds you up. I’m very happy with all the results so far and look forward to turning 40 and being in the best shape mentally and physically of my life!

Steve Gaspar

I was in a place in my fitness journey where I wanted to take it to the next level but didn’t know where or how to do so. I have had several other trainers, but I never saw much progress toward my goals. Then I found Leo. From the beginning, there were no games, gimmicks, or BS. Put in the work, follow the plan, and make the adjustments he advises, and you will get results. Since starting with Leo, I have seen tremendous growth in my size and strength, most importantly, pushing me further and further toward my fitness goals. I plan on doing a bodybuilding show soon and cannot wait to show off all the hard work I have put in. I thank Leo and this program for pushing me to my max and further. 


Leo has played an instrumental role in my fitness journey for the past 39 years. I was 14 when he introduced and taught me the basic training principles that I continue to apply to my workout program to this day. The foundation he helped establish has allowed me to continue training and competing professionally. With his guidance throughout the years, I was able to compete as an amateur bodybuilder and, most recently, pursue my professional Figure Masters status. 


I’ve always been athletic, so now, after all these years, it feels great to get fit and muscular again. I’ve been on the AFP app coming up on a year and can see the difference. The  AFP team and their fitness experts are great at customizing the workouts for my specific goals. So glad I committed to joining the AFP app and team of experts.

Lisa Vieira

At the end of 2016, I was at a low place in my life. I was severely overweight and generally unhappy. I decided I wanted to take control of my life, and in Jan. 2017, I signed up for the AFP health and fitness app. This app is amazing and very user-friendly. So far, I’ve been following this customized program for 3 months and have lost 25 lbs and even more inches. While I’m still overweight, I’m now confident I will reach my health and fitness goals as long as I have my AFP app. For the first time in my life, I feel strong, and most importantly, I feel good about myself. The AFP app and its health and fitness experts are attentive and encouraging. They pushed me to do things I didn’t think I could. Highly recommend! 

Lariane Castro

At 48 years old, I flipped a switch, and I wanted to build a better body at 50 than my body at 25. I had followed Leo and Serious Growth since the early 1990s and fell in love with the program the first time I tried it many years ago. I have always trusted Leo and the programs he implements, from the amazing results his clients would achieve. I knew the key to success for me was to drop body fat, and with this program, that’s exactly what happened. It’s not going to be easy, but it is very doable. Don’t debate your thoughts; do what you have to do, and you will get the results you so deeply desire.

Gary Pillar

Why should you take the survey?

Whether you are a high-level athlete, weekend warrior, or someone who wants to recover from health issues, or simply regain health, fitness, and vibrant longevity, You must repair your physiology (mind and body) from the inside out.

Achieving and producing remarkable results can only be based on exact information. Ones immune system is only as bulletproof as the foundation that is meticulously developed.

So if you are seriously interested in creating the proper launching pad for reaching your full athletic potential or being in the best health of your life, taking the survey is
a no-brainer and it’s free.

My stated goal for the last forty years has been to help people become a better version of themselves. You must be willing to be a part of your own success.

Fill out the survey. At that point, my team and I will meticulously comb through your answers. And it is then and only then that we will provide for you an immediate pathway that we believe to be your best map for success.

I charge athletes anywhere from 150 to 300 hours per hour, depending on what’s needed. Again, our coaching has a 99% success rate. And why we can guarantee you your satisfaction.


Guaranteed Fitness Plus (GFIT)

Guaranteed Fitness Plus (GFIT) is a personal fitness studio that provides professional personal training in Tulare, CA. Owned by world-famous fitness expert/retired world-class bodybuilder Leo Costa, Jr. Costa has owned and operated his private training studio for more than 32 years. He has been a personal trainer to thousands of people worldwide. What makes GFit unlike any other personal training studio is Leos’s unique, almost “miraculous” training method that is internationally recognized as the fastest way possible to achieve that dream body you have wanted without hassle. GFit takes all the guesswork out and creates each program specifically for our client’s goals and needs. This is done by manipulating the three training components: nutrition, cardiovascular conditioning, and weight training. Leaving out just one of these components can compromise overall results drastically. You only need one hour a day, three days a week, to get in the best shape of your life.

This is how effective GFit’s unique exercise program is. GFits personal training programs are customized to each client’s needs/wants. This method is so efficient and effective that people come from around the world for this unique program. Leo even trained top Hollywood celebrities such as Kevin Costner, movie producer Steve Reuther (Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing), and professional athletes from the San Francisco Giants to the Denver Broncos. He has also authored several books on exercise and conditioning that have grossed millions in sales.

“Most of my clients lose 8-10 pounds of fat in the first 30 days.”

GFit is here to help ANYONE who wants to get healthy, fit, and in shape. Get the proper education and guidance you need to reach your goals. Too many programs these days provide you with the latest and most remarkable techniques, which can be misleading. GFits customized programs will remove all the guesswork and revert you to the basics. No quick fix. Just fundamental knowledge to help you attain extraordinary results. Contact us to learn more about our studio or online training. Call us for a complimentary session today!

Just REAL people and REAL knowledge with REAL results.

GFit Trainers

Cara LeeAnn

Manager/Personal Trainer

Cara came to us in 2013 first as a client new to the fitness lifestyle, eager to learn it all. She was determined, self-motivated, and optimistic. Fitness is an outlet for her and is now a lifestyle she lives and raises her son around. Cara joined the G-Fit team as Leos’s Executive Assistant a month after becoming a client. Shortly after, she became our studio’s certified personal trainer and manager. She has been with us for ten years now. We are thrilled to have her and everything she brings to the team.

Jose Marroquin

Personal Trainer/Co-Owner

Jose brings a unique style of personal training to Guaranteed Fitness Plus. He knows how to make clients feel comfortable and get the best out of them throughout their workouts. Jose became a certified personal trainer at Penn Foster University. He has been a trainer for 11 years and has been here for 4 of those years. He is professional, dedicated, and highly goal-oriented, which he passes on to every one of his clients. It’s an unreal experience having him a part of our team!

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